Squirrel Hunting Pre-season Scouting

14722701108961068913026September means the opening of squirrel season for most areas. For some, the anticipation runs high as fall slowly approaches. The heat can be extreme this time of year in some areas, making a hunt far less then comfortable. Biting insects are still out in full force. However, the opening of squirrel season is a ritual that goes back many years. It also offers some of the best hunting in areas that are frequently hunted.

Pre-season scouting is a good idea if the hunt will take place in a new area. Actually, it’s a good idea to do some scouting regardless of how many times you have hunted an area. Things do change, and that old hickory that is loaded with nuts every year could be bare. If this happens, it’s best to know before your hunt. Decide what the main forage is in your area. Usually it’s hickory nuts the squirrels seek in the early season. Beech nuts are another favorite. Don’t rule out acorns and walnuts. The best way to find out this information is to walk around the woods. Look on the ground and you will see the cuttings lying around where squirrels spend most of their time. Take note of what type of nut they are eating and which treetops that are above where the cuttings lie. These are the locations that you want to hunt. If you happen to be able to scout during the morning or evening hours, you may even see some squirrels, or hear them chewing away to chase away their hunger. Listen for the cuttings as they drop through the tree tops. Return to these locations when the season starts, as they should still be there.

Scouting always plays a role in hunting. It gives hunters an edge on the game they pursue. Try these tips out this year before the season opener, and may your game bags be full! Don’t forget to like us on facebook for future posts filled with useful outdoor information! http://www.facebook.com/onthewaterinthewoods

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