Saugeye report 10-10-16

​Water temps are warmer then usual in Ohio due to the hot summer we had and a warm early fall. Water temps are currently around the 65-70 degree range. Fish are being caught trolling shallow waters, or working deeper water in the day. Backwater areas with a creek or river flowing through can be an excellent spot to try. Baitfish tend to congregate to these areas and draw in saugeyes. Jigs, mid-depth crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and suspending jerkbaits are all great producers. The night bite should be getting better as well. Expect a bite from the evening/night transition, and then short bites throughout the night that may last from 30 to 45 minutes. There may be as much as two to five hours between bites. When you do find a bite, remember what time it started. If you decide to return to this particular spot, there are good odds that the bite will be close to the same time as the night before. Bite times will vary from location and body of water. Patience and persistence pays off when trying to figure out the night bite. This can be a great oppurtunity to catch large fish. Things should pick up more as the water temps drop lower into the 55-60 degree range.

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