Drawdown Scouting for Walleyes and Saugeyes

When walleyes and saugeyes go shallow, the bite can be out of this world. This event also allows those without a boat to have the ability to catch their share of quality fish. For those without a boat or electronics, there is a way to see shallow water structure, and the time for this is after the drawdown of lakes and reservoirs.

Drawdown is when the water level is lowered significantly in a lake or reservoir, exposing shallow structure that normally cannot be seen with the naked eye without an underwater camera. This exposes many key structures that are important, including points, rock piles, wood, drop-offs, channels, bars, as well as the composition of the lake bottom. A enjoyable walk around the shoreline during a warming trend can provide a huge wealth of information to anglers about the body of water they choose to fish. Note: Check and make sure this is legal in your area.

A smartphone or hand held gps unit is very valuable to record your new discoveries, and to be able to locate them later. Many apps are available that allows you to record coordinates. Take pictures as well, to know what kind of structure is located at each coordinate.
As spring approaches, lakes and reservoirs slowly fill up and the water level rises, covering up the treasures that were once exposed. As the days get longer and warmer, the shallows get warmer and baitfish will move out of the depths and seek out these structures for needed cover. The fishes’ metabolism eventually increases and their increasing hunger will drive them to seek out these baitfish havens. A prepared angler will be there, at the right time and at the right location, and the anglers hard work will be greatly rewarded.

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